Bob Marley & The Wailers


Quoi de neuf ?



This is the list of song Iím looking for. Thank you so much if you accept to trade some of them with me.

Mail me!

Contact (hope you understand): kazo.wailers&laposte.net     (& -> @)

High priority:

It Hurts To Be Alone, take 3 and 4
Playboy, take 3
Judgement (Joe Gibbs & The Profesionals)
Am Getting Old (Fred Locks) (I only have an excerpt)
Bullwhip (Jack Sparrow and the Wailers, 1965)
Women Wine & Money (Jack Sparrow and the Wailers, 1965)
Time To Turn (Rita & The Soulettes)
It's only time (Rita & P.Austin) (I only have an excerpt)
Soul Almighty (JAD 1968 original)
Soul Shake Down Party (JAD 1968 original)
Bronx Tape: Im' Hurting Inside/Stay With Me /You Think I Have No Feelings (I only have an excerpt of last 2)
Do it madly (or This Is It, 1969)(B-side of Tosh's You Can't Fool Me Again)
The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow 1 (if different from CBMW-2, 2:14)
The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow 2 (idem)
Give Her Love Version
My Sympathy (short mix, 2:29)
Keep On Pablo
Black On Black (Bunny? and Big Youth, 1972)
Pour Sugar Version (Judy Mowatt, 1974)
What An Experience version (Judy Mowatt, 1974)
Tribulation (M Griffith and Bunny, 1977)
Tribulation Version
I Woundnít Be A Fool (Bob Andy, 1966?) (if you have it complete, no end cut)
Spring Is Coming On (Rita Anderson)
Weed weed weed dat (P Tosh) (I only have an excerpt)
Knotty Vision (a VA US LP compilation with several Bunny's tracks)

I only have a MP3 of these, so if you have a true wav Iíd be glad:

Canít Blame The Youth (a.k.a You Canít Blame The Dub, 1972)
15 Minutes
Lion version (1971)
Pride & Ambition (1971, Leroy Smart)
Pride & Ambition version
Bombo Klaat Dub

I only have a bad sound of these, so if you have a good sound Iíd be glad:

I Need Your Love So Much

Other songs, I donít know whether they are available somewhere or not:

Don't you know (Prince Buster w Peter Tosh)
High tide or low tide (1970)
Them a wicked (1970)
Wicked Version (1970)
In The Iwah version
Black Dignity version
No Love (Bunny, 1972)
Iron Lion Zion (original, 1973 or 1974)

Songs that I donít think that they have been released, but if Iím wrong, damned, I want them!:

Baby I need you
Blowing In The Wind
Little Boy Blue
Sentimental journey
It's only love (Rita + Tosh?), if different from It's Only Time
Alligator man
Without you
You Got To Change Your Ways (Peter for JAD)
Sophisticated Psychedelication
Baby Baby Come Home
You Poured Sugar On Me (JAD)
I Love Music
Turn Over
My Woman (mentionned by J.Collingwood, 1976)
Children Playing In The Street (...in the Ghetto) (by Bob Marley)
Leah And Rachel