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This is shared to you for your pleasure. And your pleasure is my happiness. Please respect that work. Do not sell. If you see KAZO discs for sale, somebody somewhere is selling what he received for free.

JAH LEE KAZO presents: Dubs & Vocals Private Mix

Now, new expended version with 18 tracks!


ttitle: Dubs & Vocals Private Mix
artist: Bob Marley & The Wailers
time: 71:51
source: Multitracks Masters
sound quality: CD quality
trader: KAZO (http://kazo.wailers.free.fr)
release: 2.0, October 2014

Now, you can listen to these songs!

1. Bend Down Low (vocals)               2:43
2. Get Up Stand Up (a capella)          3:11
3. Stir It Up (vocals)                  4:12
4. Is This Love (vocals)                4:13
5. No Woman No Cry (vocals)             4:15
6. Lively Up Yourself (vocals)          4:22
7. Lively Dub Yourself                  4:20
8. Get Dub Stand Dub                    3:14
9. Is This Dub (alternate)              4:21
10. Stir It Dub                         5:39
11. Bend Dub Low                        2:50
12. No Woman No Dub                     4:22
13. Stir It Up (alternate weed mix)     5:38
14. Get Up Stand Up (alternate)         3:05
15. Lively Up Yourself (alt.)    4:21
16. Is This Love (naked mix)            4:10
17. Bend Down Low (alt. energy mix)     2:45
18. No Woman No Cry (alternate)         4:10



Private mix made by Jah Lee KAZO from Multitracks Masters.

Here listenable in 320kbps MP3 form. (Lossless available, contact me).

Special thanks to the guy who made this material available on that planet and many thanks to Giovanni Tomasone.

If possible, listen with headphones to get as close as I wanted those mix to be.

Stir It Up: official track published on "Catch a Fire LP/CD"
Get Up Stand Up: official track published on "Burnin' LP/CD"
Lively Up Yourself: official track published on "Natty Dread LP/CD"
No Woman No Cry: official track published on "Natty Dread LP/CD"
Bend Down Low: official track published on "Natty Dread LP/CD"
Is This Love: official track published on "Kaya LP/CD"

1. Bob, the I-Threes with bass
2. Bob and Peter are calling you
3. The bass is heavy
4. Clap your hands!
5. Use 2 vocal takes. Piano bar ambiance
6. Use 2 vocal takes. I & I & his guitar
7. (Almost) instrumental. Great groove.
8. Great rhythm
9. An "Is This Dub" as been released on an "official" Promo CD on last century. So this is an Alternate! And (almost) fully instrumental, which was not the case of the previous one. Good horns.
10. While the guitar gently weeps
11. Swing, swing
12. Chicka-poom-chicka-poom-chicka-poom. Special karaoke?
13. You smoke too much
14. Aggressive mix
15. The official vocal line has been taken from Bob's lead take 2. This Alternate presented here uses take 1.
16. No-horn-at-all mix. Only guitar and percussion. And soul and joy.
17. Echo and reverb to give you a lot of positive vibes
18. The official vocal line has been taken from Bob's lead take 2, without the end. This Alternate presented here uses take 1 and the missing end of take 2..

For a lossless version of (some of) these songs, go here!

What a big surprise for me!

MARLEY, the recent (2012) movie from Kevin McDonald, has an unissued song at 51:30: a so-called "Gospel-style demo of No Woman No Cry featuring Peter Tosh on piano". New song? Huh, not for everybody. Listen to my mix, Track #5 of "Dubs & Vocals Private Mix" presented above.



First created 21/11/2008
Modified 19/10/2014