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Quoi de neuf ?



http://midnightraverblog.com/ a good place maintained by The Midnight Raver from the States. A very neat blog. Respect. See also http://www.marleyarchives.com for good sounds.

http://www.wailer.de/ from Werner K. Apart from some different points of view that separate us, my former German friend is a very serious vinyl collector and for sure the best Wailer historian on Earth. No discussion on that. The REFERENCE, for everything you might want to know on this field, when he wants to share.

http://www.soulrebels.org/ from Christian L from Montreal. Another "pote", with very deep and informative pages based on his tedious research.

http://reggaelover.free.fr/ from my friend Fred in Marseille (I'll never forget that concert of Massilia you sent me), very good pages with detailed information, especially on live and concerts.

http://www.geocities.com/litelet/main.html pretty good pages, a nice project from Amael in Switzerland. I think we should do more together, if you read this Amael...

http://www.marleyandtoshtorrents.net/ The best place on the web to find nice Marley's and Tosh's torrents. Respect to Son Of Thunder (SoT) for maintaining this site for the pleasure of a whole community.

http://www.bobmarleymagazine.com/ Forza Italia. A wonderful place too, with an excellent forum. A ressource for pictures, information and nice discussion. Grazie Ivan S. & Marco V.

http://www.roots-archives.com/ everytime you're looking for a discography, need a year of recording, need to see an album cover, just go there, it's an encyclopedia of reggae.

http://reggaediscographies.free.fr/home.htm this place too is great. Another reggae encyclopedia for discography. Precious.

http://www.smokeyroom.net/ Smokeyroom, the best nicest source about Lee Perry. Don't miss it.

http://www.upsetter.net/scratch/ Eternal Thunder, the nicest best source about Lee Perry. Don't miss it. Ah ah, check it both!

http://intelligentdiplomat.free.fr/ from Gaël D. Pretty nice about Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer. No more Bunny alas, as this man apparently behaved stupidly.


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An excellent book if you read French. I love this book. It's THE reference for any reggae lover. Everything is inside, no miss. Check it out.