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 Jamaica is an incredible island. How and why this island, with 2.7 M population only, has so many musicians is a mystery, whatever people say. Undoubtely, the Wailers is the immortal and most emblematic group of the Reggae music. Originally composed by Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer it is to Jamaica what The Beatles have been to U.K. After his friends left the group, pursuing their solo career, Bob Marley became a worldwide idol that his sudden death could not stop. Some has said that he might become a God before the end of the century!

If his (their) music is fascinating, it is easy to get lost in the discography. There are hundreds of CDs sold and there are maybe as many as records which remain unissued in digital format, or unissued at all. These pages aims at providing a better understanding and some help.


  • The Complete Official compilations : all songs published on official CDs
  • The Black Vinyl collection: presenting tracks from 7', 12' and LP exclusives
  • The Demos collection: demos, rehearsals, dubplates and this sort of things
  • More cool reggae, KAZO records a/b sides: collections of nice reggae sides

        => U can now listen to some of them! Enjoy!

  • Wanted: my list of wants, check it out and help me if you can!


30 years after he sadly passed away, Bob's music is still living.

This collection of gems is my particular gift to my friends all over the world who enjoy reggae music. Dub it!

You can listen to these songs!


01      Rock It Version 
02      Ravers
03      Stop That Train (instrumental)
04      Belly Full Version
05      Knotty Dread Version
06      Rebel Music (Version)
07      Talking Blues Version (DJ)
08      Concrete (JA, Jah Live Version)
09      Rat Race Part 2
10      Who The Cap Fit (Part 2)
11      Smile Jamaica Version (slow)
12      Smile Jamaica Part Two (fast)
13      Exodus Version
14      Waiting In Vain Dub 
15      Punky Reggae Party Version 1
16      Crisis Version

01      Who Colt The Dub (Echo Mix-Black Ark Sessions) 
02      I Know A Dub (Echo Mix-Black Ark Sessions) 
03      Blackman Redemption Version 
04      Don´t Give Up (Rastaman Live Up Version)
05      So Much Trouble (Instrumental) 
06      Ambush In Dub 
07      One Dub (7'') 
08      Ride Dis Ya Dub 
09      Rub-A-Dub Style (Bad Card Version) 
10      Dubbin In (Coming In From The Cold Version)
11      Every Need Got An Ego To Feed (Pimper's Paradise Version) 
12      I Know Version (7'') 
13      Dub In Trenchtown  
14      Buffalo Soldier Version (JA 7)  
15      Three Little Birds Dub (1984 mix)
16      Redemption Song Version (Xtract from 12'')*


*:unissued, excerpt from 12'', mastering: KAZO, 2011

Release 1.1 (March 2012): better source for Knotty Dread Version

Produced by KAZO on May 2011 to celebrate Bob's death 30 years ago. Please respect this music. Only listen to it. Do not sell.
If you see KAZO discs for sale, somebody somewhere is selling what he received for free. Good vibes. Special thanks to all friends who made these tunes coming to my ears.

For a lossless version of these songs, go here! 

I am the unique responsible for the inclusion of all tracks in these compilations. No one else can't be blamed


 Bob Marley and the Wailers, “Compared discography”

Issue 14 (February 2nd, 2010)

Issue 13 (January 29th, 2009)

Issue 12 (July 28th, 2008)

Issue 11 (April 21th, 2008)



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